The B-Boyz Difference


What We Do
We Have The Skills: from a routine cleaning to a heavy-duty clean up on on your windows. We have the skills to get the job done efficiently and well.
We Have The Tools: the right tool for the right job. Our professional grade tools keep us up-to-date and focused on getting you the best results possible on your window cleaning. 
We Have The Technology: progress in window cleaning technology has improved the quality of the industry. We bring this technology with us to give you cutting-edge results. 
We Have The Coverage: we are smart with how we work. That's why we're bonded and insured. This protects your home, gives you peace-of-mind, and insures the quality of our work.

Why We Do It

To Produce The Next Generation Of Leaders

You don't need much to make an impact on the world around you. Window cleaning may look simple, but it's actually a great way to show other men and women the possibilities that exist in oneself and those around you. Our business model is based on mentorship. We want to help people reach their highest potential. Window cleaning is just one avenue to help them get there. 


To Invest In Others


B-Boyz believes we have a responsibility to better ourselves,  our team members, communities, and the world. We have a core value around here called, Stewardship. Simply put, we want to leave things better than when we found them. Window cleaning is a perfect avenue to demonstrate this concept. It's the principle of the matter; as we put our heart and soul into reviving the luster and brilliance of people's windows, we can understand that the same effort, directed at self-improvement, can also revive the dreams, passions, and brilliance that lives in us all! 

To Produce Clarity & Focus
You'll notice that when it comes to our services, we "stick to our guns"; that is, we focus on window cleaning. We want people to know that we are the professionals to trust when it comes to window cleaning, but we also use this focus to set an example. Focusing on one thing and becoming extremely good at it, produces traction towards your goals. It's a stepping stone into the next level of your life. 

To Influence & Encourage Others

We are a light in a dark place, shinning as an example that with a little hard work and integrity, dreams can become opportunities, and opportunities can become successes. If others have gained courage by seeing B-Boyz break through the impossible, then we will have fulfilled our mission. 


When you do business with B-Boyz, you are investing in the lives of those around you and helping them become better people, too!

Our Operational Approach to Cleaning

B-Boyz Window Cleaning is concerned about two areas:

  1. Cleaner Windows

  2. Longer-lasting cleans


That's why we focus on dirt management on the entire window. Clearing dirt off the window glass creates beautiful glass, but it misses 50% of the dirt on the window ! All that extra dirt hanging around the glass will cause your window to get dirtier faster.

When we walk away from a window, we want to know --without a shadow of a doubt-- that we did everything we could to get that window absolutely clean. The following list is the approaches we take to manage dirt on the window, which creates cleaner and longer-lasting windows. 

  • Scrub-Down the Frames: this isn't a "pass-over-the-frames-with-a-cloth" approach. We mean what we say -- scrub-down the frames. Window frames are the #1 overlooked part on the window, but they can be dealt with, easily, if you just take the extra time to scrub them thoroughly. Because this is rarely done, dirt collects and compounds on them for years. They are in immediate proximity to the window glass and are the primary cause for windows getting dirty again much faster than they ought. B-Boyz Window Cleaning scrubs-down the frames because it produces a longer-lasting clean for your windows.

  • Buff the Glass: as soon as glass leaves the protected factory, it starts reacting with the moisture in the atmosphere. In fact, it's not necessarily dirt that causing the glass to get dirty and corroded, it's moreover the moisture that carries with it dirt. The moisture in our atmosphere will eat its way into your glass and deposit minerals and dirt in the surface of the glass. This causes hard buildups and glass corrosion. Hard buildups and corrosion can only be separated from the glass by mechanical or chemical processes. B-Boyz Window Cleaning uses mechanical processes to remove most hard build up and corrosion. This produces a cleaner, and more polished looking window.

  • Abrade the Glass: there is a level of hard deposits and corrosion that can't be buffed out. In these instances, we would employ a more invasive method to clear the glass. We use a window grade, carbon fiber/steel blade to remove these harder buildups. We use this technique sparingly and very lightly. If the deposits won't come off with this light abrading technique, then they are considered permanent. The next step would be to replace the glass (because we're not going to stand there and dig into your glass with an extremely sharp blade). If the hard deposits do come off, then that will make for a much better looking window. It will be cleaner and stay cleaner longer.

  • 2nd Cleaning: did we say that we want to make sure we're doing everything possible to get those windows clean? This means that we will even clean windows a 2nd time if we think it will produce a cleaner and longer-lasting window. It's the right thing to do and the right way to treat our clients. If the first cleaning didn't quite work, clean the window again! 

  • Detail the Window: again, we take every measure possible to make sure that our results are beyond comparison. After we clean the windows, we go back and touch-up anything we might have missed. We are putting "four eyes" on each window in order to ensure that they are magnificently clean and polished. This step is necessary because it removes any dirty water that might have gotten into the tiny cracks between the glass and the window frame. We see the evidence of this step being overlooked all the time. If this step is continually missed, the window cleaning will actually start to add build up and corrosion to the window. This will add to the "Frosting" effect around the glass' edges. Frosting is where the edges of the glass start to become foggy over time. 

  • Deep-Clean the Screens: screens need to be cleaned at least 1x per year. Screens are magnetic traps for lint, dust, human and pet hair, human and pet dead skin, and any other sort of things that float around in our air. And, as you can guess, these wonderfully nasty things make their way onto the inside of your windows. What's even worse is that the screen helps trap them in place so even more nasty things can build up on your window. That's why B-Boyz Window Cleaning deep-cleans your screens. It's about managing dirt on the window. Cleaning your screens keeps your windows cleaner, longer. Plus, it doesn't look very nice when you clean the windows and put a dirty screen back on them. (And just as a reminder, this is a deep-clean. We actually scrub-down your screens, wash and dry them.)

  • Scrub Out the Tracks, Sills, & Seals: when you open your window on a nice day do you really want to look at all the dirt and dead bugs that have piled up in all the cracks and crevices of the window? If you've ever experience this horror, it's likely that your window isn't looking as clean to you as it was a few seconds ago (but you just had the window cleaner at your house yesterday!). Well, cleaning out your tracks, sills, and seals is more than just for looks. It also has a functional purpose as well. Believe it or not, there are components on windows that are lubricated. When dirt and bugs get shoved into and around these components, they break-down and, or, plug up the lubrication. This is one of the reasons why windows get harder to open over time. B-Boyz Window Cleaning scrubs our the tracks, sills, and seals because makes the window look wholly clean and aid in keeping the window functional. 

  • Report on the Condition of the Windows: we are all about caring for your window. We create a report that tracks the condition of your windows overtime. If you can catch a problem before it happens (or at least before it gets worse), then you will save money, time, and effort in keeping your windows looking nice. Everyone wants to keep their windows in the best possible condition for as long as possible. This helps prevent future replacement costs and ensures your windows are an addition to and not a subtraction from the value of your home/business. 

  • Strategic Execution: we are constantly studying ways to improve our processes. We don't want to on the job-site any longer than we have to be. 6 cleaning jobs per day brings us more profit than 5 cleanings jobs per day. That's why B-Boyz Window Cleaning makes every attempt to go out and see the client's property. We want to have a strategy in place that produces the highest efficiencies and productivity. Doing this cuts down on risk, liability, and costs. This means that our clients not only get the best approach, but they get the safest one, too.


Our Pricing Difference

The most common way to bid window cleaning in North America is by-the-job. This is usually broken down into price per window. While this is not necessarily a bad way of pricing window cleaning, we feel that it is not the most honest and forthright way. That's why B-Boyz Window Cleaning charges by the hour.  


Let's say a window cleaner gives you a bid per window. It's a fair bid and you accept. They show up and start working on the job. Soon they discover that they are having trouble with many of the windows. They didn't anticipate this happening, but now they have three options. 


  1. They can renegotiate their price with you.

  2. They can continue to do the work at a loss.

  3. They can figure out a way to keep the job...profitable. 

The bottom line is that although experience can help to create a comprehensive bid, there are an infinite amount of scenarios that you could run into when cleaning windows. It's hard to account for all of them. If you really consider the scenario I laid out, there are really only two options.

  1. Did we do what we said we were going to do?

  2. Did we do less than what we said we would do?

The question is: How do you know what they did and did not do? And is it really great customer service to do exactly what you said you would do but the windows still look bad? So, there is really only one acceptable solution.

  1. Over serve the client. 

Hourly pricing is a great way to serve our clients. Yes, there is a chance that the job could go longer than expected, but that is easily dealt with through regular updates. As it was stated before, there can be scenarios that are hard to predict when it comes to window cleaning, but the sooner every one knows what the situation is, the sooner a solution can be determined. 

We think it's worse to go back to the client and ask for more money, rather than giving the client a range of what the job would cost. In the first case, the client may have already prepared the exact amount that you bid them and is not prepared for additional charges. In the second case, the client is more prepared for additional charges and is more confident that the job will be completed in a timely manner, with superior results. It's because they know the work will not exceed the range determined and they don't have to worry about what exact cleaning processes are being done. They know that while B-Boyz Window Cleaning is there, we will be doing what is necessary to get the job done with excellence. 

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